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love letters

Because you are so kind and compassionate to us, from a big heart an even bigger thank you!

Now it's more important than ever to understand that we're only strong together. Let's not separate and become lonely and become lone fighters! This is what this situation taught me, among other things.

So dear friends, please look left and right and take care of each other and let others help you and take care of you as well.

I hope so much that from 04.05. allowed to go back to our familiar surroundings. It's pretty weird without your stories that you bring to the store every day. I want to spend time with you again!

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​And if you donate, please write me your name and email address(you can enter a message on PayPal).Because when everything is over, I want to throw a big party where everyone comes together and we celebrate life! The e-mail address is then for the invitation ;)

in love


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